#17 Earrings

Pendant earrings add class

If you haven’t pierced your ears, why not? Men are no longer limited to having only one ear pierced these days, but if you are only comfortable with the one then you could alternate the ears (to keep the hole open) whilst in male mode then go for the both when femme. If even one at a time is too risky for you, there always remains the option of clip-on earrings, although the range of designs is more limited and they can get a bit uncomfortable after a while. Simple ear studs worn in male mode can be replaced by lovely hoops or pendant earrings when presenting enfemme. The feeling of a pair of heavy earrings dangling from your pierced ears can be very sensual and can also be ‘anchored’ under hypnosis as a feminine trigger.


Crossdressers are known to possess some of the sexiest legs on the street, so show them off!

  1. Shave or use hair removal creme (and don’t forget to moisturize) to keep them smooth and fully enjoy the sensation of wearing nylons.
  2. Wear the sheerest nylons that you can get away with – add tone, definition and colour to your legs whilst concealing any imperfections. They also feel great under a skirt, especially if worn with a slip.
  3. If you’ve got good knees, choose a skirt length an inch or so above (if not then a couple of inches below the knee will work best.
  4. Finish with sexy heels to suit the occasion!
This girl’s got it right!

#16 Get out in public

Confident crossdresser

Having been hypnotised by us the feel and act feminine, you now have the confidence to go our into the world as your true self. This can be a daunting prospect for some and many crossdressers take their first steps out under cover of darkness, or under an umbrella during rain. A halfway step for some may have been adopting the androgynous look (see 101 Tips post) which over time became increasingly female. The lovely CD in the photo above has the confidence (and the legs) to go all out girly and she will be rewarded with some admiring glances from passers-by, but as a novice you may want to adopt a more discreet approach. Take the time to notice what the girls of your age are wearing in your area next time you are out shopping and go for a similar look. Wear an appropriate natural-looking wig, light ‘daytime’ makeup, avoid high heels to start with, no short skirts or oversized breast forms! OK – so your first outings may be wearing girly jeans, low heels, 38A Bra and a woman’s coat or jacket – but with some tasteful feminine accessories (bangles, scarves, earrings, etc.) and a dash of perfume, you will feel liberated! In time, introduce the skirts, stockings and heels and you will experience the delicious rush of excitement, vulnerability and femininity and there will be no going back.

#15 Get hypnotised!

Hypnotised into femininity

OK – so you’ve got the clothes, you’ve got rid of that unsightly body hair, you’ve mastered basic makeup and you are comfortable wearing heels. Superficially, you look feminine – but do you feel and act feminine? How can you change years of masculine programming? The answer, of course, is hypnosis. Maybe you want to increasingly adopt feminine feelings, behaviours, mannerisms and mindset? Or if you are a part-time crossdresser, you may only want to switch to ‘female mode’ when dressed – in which case we can install hypnotic ‘triggers’ to fire when, for instance, you fasten your bra straps. You can have hypnosis for anything you wish – confidence, self-esteem, coming-out conversations, or feeling feminine sexual desires. The choice is yours – just get in touch to discuss your dreams!